It’s Time to Cut the Cord on Cable

Try streaming and pay only for the content you choose! cancel anytime instead of being locked into bundles.

Streaming 101

Cable TV bundles with channels you don’t watch are sooo yesterday. From sports to documentaries to gaming and more, choose your streaming platforms and tailor your experience to live your best internet life. All you need to be able to stream is super fast internet (but we’ll take care of that part)! 😉

Want to know more about streaming and why you should cut the cord? Read our guide on streaming for more information, or sign up for a free trial of any of the services below.

Looking for a tailored recommendation based on your favorite channels? Take the streaming quiz below which suggests a streaming option with all of your favorite channels at a discount.

Check Out all these streaming services that are cheaper than cable and offer more variety

Discover affordable streaming services that surpass cable TV in variety and value. Save money while enjoying your favorite channels with Flume Internet’s curated recommendations for the ultimate streaming experience.

Find your Perfect Streaming Option

Find your perfect streaming platform with our fun and easy Streaming Match Quiz! Discover which services suit your interests and elevate your viewing experience.

Streaming Quiz