Increase Property NOI at No Expense

Get Broadband for the Entire Community

No longer will property owners have to wait months for fiber service.

Increase NOI

Bundling Flume into rent will increase cashflow while reducing IT costs.

Fast Deployment

Flume deploys 90% faster than other providers saving time and money.

No Management Burden

Flume handles all tenant onboarding and customer service requests.

Flume Fiber Gigabit Internet Property Service - Increase Net Operating Income (NOI), cashflow, and reduce IT costs.Flume Fiber Gigabit Internet Property Service - Fast Fiber DeploymentLaptop icon

3-Step Deployment


Flume schedules a free 30-minute assessment of the property.

Flume Fiber Gigabit Internet Property Service - Quick Building Survey


Signing includes Deployment Diagram, Access Agreement, and COI.

Flume Fiber Gigabit Internet Property Service - Documentation to Start Deployment


Flume connects property to the fiber network within 60 days or less.

Flume Fiber Gigabit Internet Property Service - Deploy Fiber to Building

Deployment Types

New Developments

Flume works with developers to deploy fiber in greenfield properties offering tenants gigabit fiber service upon initial move-ins.


Flume can deploy fiber in brownfield developments of all ages and sizes, allowing property owners to increase value and NOI immediately.

Housing Community

Private housing communities leverage Flume to offer gigabit internet where incumbents will not deploy.


Flume has unique strategies to drive cost-savings where incumbents typically avoid due to the complexity of garden-style complexes.

Open Access

Often overlooked by incumbents, Flume believes everyone should have access and is bringing access to suburbs nationwide.


Flume partners with city officials to deploy ensuring every city can drive property value and offer communities the fastest high-speed internet.

Any Deployment. Covered.


Services for single family homes, garden-style apartments,  multi-family complexes, and open access communities.

Flume Fiber Gigabit Internet Property Service - Types of Deployments - Greenfield, Brownfield, Housing Communities, Open Access Suburb, Citywide


Up to 10 GB/s enterprise service offering businesses the ability to move forward without breaking the bank.

Flume Fiber Gigabit Internet Property Service - Enterprise Offering

Unmatched Offering.

Flume's infrastructure allows properties to offer a full suite of technology amenities at the industry's most competitive rates.

Flume Fiber Gigabit Internet Property Devices - Smart Garage Door Opener, Smart Lock, Smart Thermostat, Callbox, Security Camera, Wi-Fi Router