The future of fiber is here.

US Homes lack broadband options with only 8% on fiber lines

The infrastructure for ultra-fast modern internet already exists. Flume is here to help accelerate fiber to the home deployment in the United States.

Modern comms, remote work, and a variety of applications need the high bandwidth that fiber internet can provide. Until recently, this technology was perceived as too expensive or unnecessary due to lack of competition. Meanwhile, many cities already have fiber cables that run underground or on poles with excess capacity that is sitting unused.

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Is poised to solve this gap by lighting up old unused “dark” fiber.

In this chart of household density vs fiber density, it's painfully clear that the US is lagging behind other nations in fiber availability.

Furthermore, 8% of homes actually have fiber to the home. The events of 2020 have accelerated the need for fiber broadband.

Fast and cost effective deployment

Flume builds and installs optical edge technology designed to service thousands of subscribers out of a single-rack data center. We then partner with cities and wholesale fiber providers to plug into their unused network capacity and bring that service to homes that generally only have a single cable provider.

This approach allows us to save cost and deploy on a rapid timeline while maintaining the benefits of a futuristic fiber network, capable of Gigabit and 10 Gigabit speeds!

Flume Internet Data Path ChartFlume Internet Data Path Chart