What Should I Expect for the Construction Process?

  1. Evaluation Phase: Our decision on where to build next is based on multiple factors including community demand, construction costs, complexity of network building, and the need for easements and permits.
  2. Designing and Planning: After selecting a location, we initiate the engineering phase. This includes planning the fiber layout and starting the utility pole application process, which can take up to a year. This phase is crucial for obtaining necessary permissions and identifying easements.
  3. Scheduling Construction: Once the network design is finalized, the area is added to our construction schedule. Since we handle multiple districts simultaneously, scheduling is done meticulously. Around this time, you'll also be invited to pre-order our services.
  4. Building the Network: We secure all final permits to ensure existing utilities are marked. Then, local contractors are engaged to start constructing the network, either aerially, underground, or a combination, depending on existing utilities.