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5 Excuses to Work from Home

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As the landscape of modern employment continues to shift towards more flexible work arrangements, many employees find themselves needing legitimate (or not so legitimate) excuses to work from home. 

Let’s be honest, ever since the pandemic, not everyone is keen on returning to the office. Whether it's to improve work-life balance or to cater to unexpected circumstances, having a set of convincing reasons can help you negotiate remote work days effectively. Let's dive into five persuasive excuses to work from home.

1. Waiting for a Delivery

A common and practical excuse to work from home could be that the delivery service just told you about an important package that's going to be delivered today, and how need to be there to receive it because of the nature of the package. This could be anything from a new refrigerator to crucial documents that require a signature. Explain to your employer that you're expecting a delivery that cannot be rescheduled or left unattended. This situation necessitates your presence at home and working remotely ensures you can continue your professional responsibilities while handling personal matters.

2. Home Maintenance Needs

Another compelling excuse is home maintenance which requires your presence. Whether it's urgent repairs, such as fixing a broken heater, or scheduled maintenance like pest control treatments, these tasks are often booked during business hours and can’t be postponed. Inform your employer that you need to supervise these essential tasks, emphasizing that you will be fully available and connected for work duties during the maintenance windows.

3. Health Reasons

Citing health reasons is a respectful and often unquestionable excuse for working from home. This can range from needing a day to recover from a minor illness to managing symptoms of a chronic condition, or even avoiding the office during peak cold and flu season to prevent spreading germs. Point out that by staying home, you will be able to work more effectively while ensuring you do not compromise the health of your colleagues.

4. Necessary Appointments

Occasionally, personal appointments can interfere with regular office hours, and they can serve as a valid reason to work from home. These appointments could include a doctor’s visit, legal consultations, or any other professional meeting that cannot be scheduled outside of working hours. Explain that working from home on this day will minimize the time away from your desk, as it cuts down on commuting time, thereby allowing you to remain productive.

5. Superior Home Internet

A particularly relevant excuse, especially in today's digital age, is having superior home internet compared to the office setup. This is particularly beneficial if your day involves high-demand tasks such as video conferencing, large data transfers, or extensive online research. Detail how your home setup enhances these tasks and contributes to more efficient and effective work outcomes. 

Wondering what speed you need to make your home internet above average? You generally need a gigabit or less to be in a safe spot. This ensures that you can do anything from surfing the internet to streaming shows and playing games to your heart's content. Not sure your internet is fast enough to make this excuse work? Try these tips to improve your home internet

Worried about masking your location? Try a VPN.

Worried about your work computer picking up your location in case you decide to work from anywhere but home? Try a VPN. A VPN or Virtual Private Network will mask your location and give you a better chance at staying connected while staying anonymous. 

The Fastest Internet Starts with Flume

Have you checked your availability for Flume Internet? It’s a perfectly legitimate excuse to work from home when Flume is your internet provider- you’ll be blazing gigabit speeds faster than most offices can offer.

Excuses to Work from Home

Utilizing these excuses to work from home can help you manage both your professional and personal obligations more effectively. When presenting these reasons to your employer, be honest and emphasize how working from home will not only accommodate your needs but will also maintain or enhance your productivity and contribute to the company’s objectives. 

With thoughtful communication, you can make a strong case for why working from home is beneficial for both you and your employer. And remember, working from home just wouldn’t be possible without good internet. So give thanks to fiber optics for providing the connectivity you need to stream, get work done, and simply enjoy your life at home!