Flume is a fiber optic internet provider, meaning most of our broadband connections are run over fiber cables that run underground or on poles.

Fiber internet is the backbone of most modern communications and is needed to deliver high bandwidth for a variety of applications.  In the US, the vast majority of homes never received fiber internet because it was simply deemed as too expensive or unnecessary due to lack of competition. However, many cities and utilities have the infrastructure needed to place new fiber or light up old unused “dark” fiber. Flume is here to help bridge this divide and accelerate fiber to the home deployment in the US.

FTTH Coverage
Home Passed / Total Hauseholds


Subs / Homes Passed 0%




Subs/Homes Passed 0%



The United States ranks low among other countries in terms of both FTTH coverage and penetration

100M Subs Near Fiber only 18.6M Insatlled

Compared to countries within the same range of household density, i.e. similar avg. fiber deployment costs, US shows low FTTH coverage compared to Latvia, Sweden, Mexico

Flume is poised to solve this gap using a dark fiber strategy.

In this chart of household density vs fiber density, it's painfully clear that the US is lagging behind other nations in fiber availability.

Only 6% of homes can actually claim to have true Fiber-to-the-home service even though another 24% of the country is listed as ‘near fiber’.

The events of 2020 and years leading up to it have made it clear that the time has come to upgrade our broadband infrastructure. Come join Flume as we do it one home at a time.


Flume builds and installs optical edge technology designed to service thousands of subscribers out of a single-rack data center. We then partner with cities and utilities to plug into their unused network capacity and bring that service to homes that generally only have a single cable provider.

This approach allows us to save cost and deploy on a rapid timeline while maintaining the benefits of a futuristic fiber network, capable of Gigabit and 10 Gigabit speeds!


Please contact us if you are in local or state government and want to learn more about bringing new fiber infrastructure to your area.

We are fielding surveys and discussions with municipalities all over the US and would love to work with you to understand what your city has to offer. Come help us as we monetize centuries old infrastructure and bring competitive options to an industry that sorely needs it!

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