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Flume fiber internet is here! Type your address and check the availability to get the most suitable plan for your needs.

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What type of network is Flume going to be building?
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Flume is working with its partners to develop a true fiber to the home network in Simi Valley. The speed of service will initially be gigabit internet with the potential to do even more speed in the future with a software upgrade.

What is open access?
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Open access is where a 3rd party finances and builds the middle mile network to your home. Flume will deploy its properity data center equipment and in-home Wifi to deliver your service over this fiber network.

Does Flume offer TV?
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We offer a varity of Over the Top TV (OTTV) Options that can be found here - on our streaming page. More partnerships and announcements to come in the near future!

When will the full city have available service?
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We are accepting waitlist customers now and will begin customers installations as soon as January of 2023. We have a waitlist of over a thousand homes and will being installing as many as we can so get your spot in line now! We estimate that we will cover around 50% of the city by end of 2023 and are working hard to beat that target.

Some parts of my home need better Wifi - what does Flume offer?
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Flume’s service comes with a single Wifi pod - which is great for a multi-room home. However if you have more than 2 bedrooms in your home, we recommend you buy an extender pod with Flume for the one-time price of $75. (We do not make any money on this unlike some other people 🙂

Our top plans
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Flume Gigabit Internet and Wifi

Price: $65/mo ($50/mo in select markets where we have property owner deals)

Download / Upload Speed: 980Mbps

Connected Devices: 30+

Flume 200mbps Internet and Wifi

Offered in select markets*

Pirce: $35/mo

Download / Upload Speed: 200Mbps

Connected Devices: 12-15


Offered in select markets*

Contact us for a custom offer, made just for you.

ACP - Emergency Broadband  Benefit

Get free internet provided by Flume

Are you using SNAP or Medicaid programs support? Do you live in public housing?

You can easily qualify for free home internet with Flume. Join to take advantage of ACP pricing to alleviate internet bills.

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